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SEMINAR: How to tune-up your Marketing Channels

Are your channels performing as well as they could? Are they directing the right people to the right places? Do you have high value content that just isn’t getting the attention you’d like?


Date: Thursday 16 June 2022

Time: 15:30 - 17:30

Place: 21-33 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EJ

Do you get the most out of your marketing investments? Today businesses’ online platforms often play a huge role in the yearly revenue, and for more and more companies the entire revenue comes from some form of digital solution. 

At the same time, the complexity of doing business online is increasing. Leaving companies with the feeling that something must be done to get or stay ahead… without knowing exactly what? 

In this case, success really depends on knowing exactly where to invest effort and money.

Is it in platform performance, or changing content formats, or channels, or changing media tactics? - This is exactly what we will be addressing in our ‘How to tune-up your Marketing Channels’ seminar on Thursday 16th of June. We will identify the tips and tools for you to make the right investments at the right time and make the most of your own efforts. We will also be talking through some cases of how others have successfully done this… and some that have not gone so well.  

A bit of food for thought: We tend to begin with understanding what is driving the conversion for you, whether it be a sale, a lead, or something else. Was it the bad weather, that drove an entertainment subscription? Was it your social media presence? Your Paid Search campaigns? Your super-optimised website? What is it for you? 

When you understand the relationship between all your touch points and triggers, you can start prioritising your efforts… We look forward to discussing this with you during our extended Q&A session on the day!